About Irish Dresden

Established over 100 years ago in Germany.

Now producing hand-crafted lace porcelain products in beautiful Dromcolliher, County Limerick.

Connecting Ireland & Germany

It is said that fact can be stranger than fiction. And in many ways, the facts of the Irish Dresden story sometimes seem more remarkable than fiction.

Even the name “Irish Dresden” has an enigmatic atmosphere, with obvious German and Irish associations; and indeed it is the famous fine lace porcelain figurines, which ultimately link the two countries within this history. The name certainly suggests that a long and winding road was travelled before Irish Dresden became a reality in the South-West of Ireland.

And there’s no doubt that the reality of Irish Dresden is an incredible story of a unique hand-crafted lace porcelain product, and a resolute, determined family, which, against all the odds, refused to abandon this unique artistic tradition which goes back more than 100 years.

Continuing a tradition of excellence and craftmanship

Every unique Irish Dresden piece brings to its owner a sense of history, tradition, artistry, individuality, prestige and luxurious lifestyle …